Observation: Turnagain

Location: Lynx Creek

Route & General Observations

Rode to 2350′ up Lynx Creek. Everything below 1500′ is locked up below a (boot) supportable melt-freeze crust. Higher up (above 2000′), wind packed powder can still be found, making for pretty good riding.

Red Flags
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Observer Comments

No red flags observed.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Wind was moderate to strong from the north. Lynx seemed to be sheltered from the worst winds for most of the day. Temperature was in the upper 30's at the trailhead, and felt like mid 20's at 2000'.

Snow surface

Everything below ~1500' is locked up below a STOUT 5-6" (boot) supportable crust. Above 1500', the crust thins with elevation, but never disappeared completely on aspects that get any sun at all. Flat ground had ~1/4" melt-freeze crust at 2300', northerly aspects still have powder with some variable wind affected surfaces. Did not get a good look at southerly aspects above 2000'.


Dug one pit at 2350', NE aspect, 30 degree slope. HS = 220 cm. This area had been previously wind loaded. CT13 SC down 155 cm on 2mm loose, dry facets sandwiched between deteriorating m/f crusts, CT17 SP down 120 cm on 1-2mm facets sitting on a melt-freeze crust below a P+ hard slab. ECTX.

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