Observation: Hatcher Pass

Location: Lower Presidents

Route & General Observations

The goal of my tour was to assess stability and check out snow surfaces between 2500-3000 ft and see how above freezing temps overnight at IM 3550′ affected the snowpack. The most treacherous part of the day was driving the lower road which resembled an ice skating rink. I did not experience any cracking or collapsing or see any new avalanches today but visibility was deteriorating. It starting raining up to 2600′ by 12pm and was snowing S1 at the Fishhook parking lot.

Red Flags
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Observer Comments

Lack of freezing overnight at 3550' .Pay attention to rain on snow and how it will affect stability tomorrow.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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No new snow since 11/18
Wind: Light wind with moderate gusts today, SE 10-12 mph G 15-25mph at 4500'. Light wind at 3550'.
Temps: Hovered around freezing overnight at 4500'. Temps averaged 36 degF and did not freeze at 3550' overnight!!
Temps were 34 deg F around noon today btw 3500-4500'.

Snow surface

Goldmint @1800 feet: Stout 1-2 cm rain crust with 2 feet of moist snow to the ground.
Archangel @2200 feet: Rain crust with 1-1.5 feet of moist snow.
Lower Presidents @2900 feet: Rain crust with 1ft+ moist snow
Independence Mine Parking Lot@ 3100 feet: Rain crusts observed up to 3100' at IM parking lot. Surface snow resembled more of a brittle drizzle crust at 3500'. Moist snow to the ground at 2900'.
I did not make observations above 3100 feet today.


I dug two pits today on Lower Presidents
1. @ 2900' ESE aspect (see side wall profile)
2. @ 3200' ENE aspect 30 deg slope, HS 45cm (see photo)
ECTN13 5cm down under rain crust
CT29PC basal crust/facets near ground

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