Observation: Turnagain

Location: Lipps

Route & General Observations

Lipps – Road (800′) and up SW face to the top (3400′)

Red Flags
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Observer Comments

Suspected glide cracks present on SW aspect of Cornbiscuit; see photos below! Visibility wasn't perfect, so add a forecaster note if any of these seem to have another explanation... but they all looked glide-like to me!
Glides in 12/24 Magnum observation (located in the Lynx Creek drainage) appeared the same today as 12/24.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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35f at the road at start/finish; temps in the 20's up high
Overcast skies with occasional very light snowfall
Occasional light variable winds below 2500
NE to East light winds above 2500

Snow surface

1-2" of snow from yesterday was present on tracks seen 12/24. Wind affect present above 2000'
2000-2500' - previous tracks up a SW aspect had blown in but were visible
Above ~2500' previous tracks could not be seen
Despite wind affect, surface was fist hard
Thin Melt Freeze crust present on surface 900' - road (800')


General structure as reported earlier in this week was present on Lipps SW aspect, with a right side up structure over a melt freeze crust sandwich. See pit results below.

Probing found the following depths at different elevations:

3400' - Height of Snow (HS) = 300cm at most loaded location below ridgeline; scoured to ground on North aspect
3300' - HS = 160-200cm, with the top crust of the melt freeze sandwich down 130-160cm
2900' - HS = 120cm, with top crust down 95cm. See pit below; this location appeared slightly wind scoured.
2400' - HS = 160cm, with the crust down 115cm. This location appeared slightly wind loaded.
2000' - HS = 140cm, with the top crust down 80cm.
1500' - HS = 80cm, with top crust down 70cm

Photos & Video
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