Observation: Turnagain

Location: Library

Route & General Observations

We ended up skiing a spine further back toward Kickstep. Cold in the valleys and a bit warmer up high. Snow depth was 160cm BTL.

The Library is still bony. All the gulleys have slid recently but none of the debris was fresh. It all had the most recent storm snow on top of it. There were small crowns in deposition zones but we did not see any fresh debris from those either. The aprons had noticeable wind effect under a few inches of soft snow. Higher up in our uptrack gulley and on the spine, there was deep, unbootable soft snow (we skinned the whole thing after wallowing), very little wind effect, maybe a few small wind slabs under fluff but no signs of instability.

We stopped short of the ridge due to daylight where there was a bit more noticeable wind effect but it did not have the “lens” look to it like an obvious wind slab.

I did have one very small (2 inch deep by 6 feet wide) soft slab fracture beneath me on the ski down.