Observation: Turnagain

Location: Kickstep Glacier

Route & General Observations

Toured Tincan Creek to the Library and Kickstep Glacier. Backed off a couple objectives due to increasing winds and variable weather throughout the day.

Observed flagging on Kickstep ridge and active windloading on Kickstep Glacier and the SW ridge of Kickstep around 3500′ and to the summit.
A skin track on Kickstep Glacier and a booter on Kicksteps’ SW ridge, both broken that morning, were totally filled in by 1pm. No formal stability tests were performed, but unsupported soft slabs above the old skin track released readily.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Temps in the teens.
Sky from obscured to broken to scattered throughout the day.
Winds varying from calm to moderate with varying directions.

Snow surface

Generally, soft snow. Visible increasing wind effect on aprons below the Library and the Kickstep glacier.

Photos & Video
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