Observation: Turnagain

Location: Kickstep Glacier

Route & General Observations

Up Center Ridge to the vicinity of the pocket glacier below Kickstep, then back below the Library/Tincan

Red Flags
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Observer Comments

Debris piles (D1 - 2) below Tincan Proper and the Library were all generally 1+ week old... see photos below for examples. The only exceptions were some some small skier triggered sluffs on steep slopes, and some recent - possibly this weekend during the strong inversion and above freezing temps at ridgeline - D1 loose avalanches on 45+ degree southerly slopes on the library, starting at exposed rocks.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Calm, mostly cloudy with thin clouds. Inversion was noticeable, with temps in the 20s up high and in the teens at the road.

Snow surface

Surface hoar was noticeable on the surface to 2000', and near surface facets were present on top at the pit location. Ski penetration of 2-6" along the route, with less as we gained elevation and left wind protected areas... but at no point was the thanksgiving crust present on the surface.


See pit structure and results - including a crust detail! - in the photos below. Ski pole probing and just digging down 12-18" would occasionally reveal multiple crusts, separated by a thin layer of faceted snow, along the route.

Photos & Video
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