Observation: Hatcher Pass

Location: Japanese trees- APU snow science class

Route & General Observations

We skied a couple laps in the Japanese trees. Skies transitioned from obscured to broken (-) and by midday, temperatures ranged from +1.5C at the road (1200ft) to -1.5C at 2500ft. Light flurries were consistent and winds were calm with variable light gusts.

We dug at 2400ft on a NE 18 degree slope to assess the potential for storm or persistent slab problems and had repeatable unreactive results in CT and ECT tests (CTM BRK x2 and ECTN x2).

By afternoon, the new snow was starting to warm up to 2200ft, and we saw evidence of a small wet loose avalanche triggered by a skier. The avalanche occurred at 1650ft on a steep south-facing slope and ran in the recent snow.

Photos & Video
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