Observation: Hatcher Pass

Location: Independence Mine Area

Route & General Observations

Took three student groups out to Independence Mine for snow pit practice- one student group went up to Cross Hill (behind Independence Mine), one group went to the benches of Microdot, and one group went to $1000 Run.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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12:30 pm- Overcast skies, breeze from the north, no precip
1:30 pm- Overcast skies, no wind, no precip
3:45 pm- Overcast skies, breeze from the north, no precip

Snow surface

Snow surface was a ~2-4" breakable wind layer in most locations with pockets of soft faceted snow intermixed.


Most of our snow pits found similar data- breakable wind crust at the surface with facets and depth hoar/advanced facets at the base of the snowpack. Below is one of the instructors snow pit info:

Location: Cross Hill (above Independence Mine)
Elevation: 3,926'
Aspect: S
Slope: 28 degrees
Test results: ECTX, CTN, and PST 25/100 End on depth hoar/facets at the base of the snow pack. Student groups had various PST test results that were around similar results on same layer.

The group on $1000 run got CT6 down 12 cm on the wind crust and near surface facets interface and CT10 down 17cm on another facet layer, and ECTX

The group on Microdot benches had no interesting results

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