Observation: Hatcher Pass

Location: Independence Mine

Route & General Observations

We took two teams for a walk to check two locations for snowpack analysis.

Team A went to the S side of Microdot.
Team B went to NE side of Skyscraper.

Instability pits were dug at both locations, with mixed results.
Ranging from:
CT6, CT17, CT24, CT22. Q1, Q2, Q3.
ECTN3, ECTN20, ECTX, ECTPV on a boulder, 60 cms on shallow snowpack.

In general, we didn’t find signs of instability, the snowpack had good structure, but a few crusts were found between facet layers that right now are unreactive.

Developed depth hoar was found near the ground, 4mm~6mm in size.

Red Flags
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Observer Comments

Some dry loose started to appear from South facing rocks by the end of the day.

Wind plums at ridge tops.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Nice and sunny today, with a breeze picking up around 1500 hrs.

Snow surface

Soft snow and near surface facets.
A wind skin is starting to form in places .

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