Observation: Hatcher Pass

Location: Independence Mine

Route & General Observations

Traveled from IM parking lot to a small steep sidehill behind the upper mine buildings where an avalanche was reported on 11/9 on an easterly aspect around 3600′. Investigation of weak layer and snowpack.

Avalanche Details
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Avalanche Details

I suspect natural trigger but could have been remotely triggered as trail systems are close by.
Recent persistent slab avalanche cycle 11/7-8 with storm load, 10" new low-density snow at 3000'. Recent remotely triggered avalanches 11/8-9. Improved stability, but poor structure will persist and allow for human-triggered avalanches to be possible in specific locations on slopes 30 degrees and steeper. This PWL (persistent weak layer) will continue to be problematic for a long time and reactivated with new loads. The faceted PWL is sitting on a patchy, slippery ice crust bed surface at the ground . Variability in test results today were due to increased stability and variability in slab cohesion and a slab that is barely cohesive enough to act as a slab.

Red Flags
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Observer Comments

We did not experience shooting cracks or whumphing, but other groups did this same day, and one group triggered an avalanche on Marmot SW Face without involvement.

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