Observation: Chugach State Park

Location: Hiland Rd. Area

Route & General Observations

Hiland Rd. area- Did a tour out from South Creek parking area. Temps in the mid-20’s winds from the SE in the teen’s, lighting was flat. No observed signs of recent avalanches, No signs of instability on tour out.

Conditions were thin snow pack, very wind effected. Found large areas of wind swept terrain down to tundra with pockets of stiff wind slab. Quick pits showed a wide range of crusts at different depths, of variable thickness and hardness which were variable with slope aspect and elevation. Snow depth ranged from 0cm to 50cm.

On traverse back to parking area at around 3300 ft in elevation, on a NE aspect bowl, I triggered an HS-AS-R2-D2-G. It felt like it triggered as I came over a convexity that I did not see in the flat light that was likely the edge of the bowl. The flank propagated a hundred yards uphill and included most of the available start zone. Visibility was to poor to estimate crown height or exact size.