Observation: Other Regions

Location: Hatcher Pass (outside advisory

Route & General Observations

This hard slab avalanche was remotely triggered by skiers 50 –
100′ away.

Allie Barker observations day after slide:
Crown 10cm to 100cm deep about 1000′ wide, ran 600′.
This is of DANGEROUS scale!

Pit dug 20 feet to the side of skiers right flank.
NE 30deg. HS 120cm
ECTP12 Q1 at 40cm on facets on old variable weak nov. rain crust
CT3 Q1 at 40cm on facets
CT2 Q1 at 40cm on facets
(depths are measured from ground up)

70mph winds on 4/7 and about 30-40cm new snow over past 3-4 days