Observation: Other Regions

Location: Hatcher Pass, $1000 Dollar Run

Route & General Observations

OUTSIDE ADVISORY AREA – following observation sent in:
Location: Steep North facing slope adjacent to “$1000 dollar run”.
Elevation: 4302′
Aspect: N-NE (40 deg)
Slope Angle: Estimated at 32 deg.

Discussion: an avalanche was remotely triggered from about 30 feet
away by a skier that propagated up valley and to the top of the
ridge line. Classified as an SS-AS-R4-D2-I. No one was caught,
carried, or buried.

There were natural avalanches observed on almost all N and E
facing slopes due to the wind event during/after the 4/07 storm.
This group also noticed three separate whumps on the climb to the
ridge top.

Stability tests adjacent to the trigger point:
Compression tests showed similar results with CT14Q1 (SC) down
56cm. HS=150cm.
Propagation saw test with results of PST40cm,100cm (Arr) down 56cm
on 040711 new/old snow interface.