Observation: Hatcher Pass

Location: Hatch Peak

Route & General Observations

As others have noted, entire north side of Bennets Ridge (bench below Hatch) slid (except the lower-angle ramp/rib feature), crown near 4′ tall in one place. Hatcher common north side “bowl” did not slide, but farther east along the ridge the north side slid quite a bit, here and there most of it, during the storm. Visible from paved road some steep gullywalls, a lot of them facing easterly, had a lot small slides crowns a few feet tall. All naturals, storm slabs. Slides happened during or soon after 27/28 Nov dump, one presumes. Lots of variability and wind features everywhere. Older icy crust exposed on some wind-facing slopes. Scouring exposing rocks on some wind aspects. Skintrack setting not at all a 4-foot effort, mostly skis don’t sink more than 10ish inches, sometimes no penetration of sliceable cardboard to hard wind crust. Did not see any releases in April Bowl but the light wasn’t great so who knows. No woomphs or cracks. Toured up standard uptrack from lot below aframes to Bennets Ridge then up north rib/ridge to quite windy top of Hatch common. Plumes. Skied back same way to $1000, etc in good vis window.

Photos & Video
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