Observation: Hatcher Pass

Location: Government peak

Route & General Observations

With the road closure we toured through the government peak recreation area. Dry low density snow was on shaded aspects, most steep southerlies had a sun crust.

Red Flags
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Observer Comments

No cracking or collapses.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Government peak 2500' @ 11:53am, few clouds, calm wind, 24F degrees.
Weather was great throughout the entire day and at times felt like spring skiing.

Snow surface

A variety of different surface conditions were observed during our tour. On steep southern aspects a notable 3-4cm sun crust could be felt on the ascent. Wind effected snow was observed above 2300' near ridges. Old sastrugi was abundant and old rime crusts are exposed. On northern aspects dry low density snow could be found. On the descent back to the parking lot, snow surfaces began to warm up. With dry snow becoming moist on steep south facing slopes.


We dug on a southeast facing aspect and found poor structure, moderate strength and low propagation propensity. The poor structure involves 4-5mm rime crust sits 40cm below the surface. On top of this crust sits 1mm facets and a 40cm 4F-1F slab. The bottom of the snowpack has 35cm of facets and depth hoar mixed together.

HS 110
34 degree slope, Southeast, 2500'

CT17SC @80cm from surface on 1mm facets
ECTN17 @80cm on the same layer
PST 80/100 ARR @ 80cm on 1mm facets

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