Observation: Hatcher Pass

Location: Government Peak

Route & General Observations

We toured from Fishhook parking lot to Wimp Bowl. After reaching wimp bowl, we toured along the ridge and descended the sunny side and gained the ridge of government peak. After reaching 3700′ feet on government peak, we descended towards Skeetawk.

Red Flags
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Observer Comments

Small Dry Loose on NE of Government in steep rocky terrain.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Cold, and calm throughout the day, the only clouds we observed were over the Chugach.
Wimp Bowl 3900' @11:45 Light winds, few clouds, -4 F degrees, no precipitation.
Near Frostbite weather station 2700' @ 13:30 calm, few clouds, -8 F degrees, no precipitation

Snow surface

Snow surface was a mixed bag today. At 2800' on the up-track towards wimp bowl, wind effected snow was observed. Near ridge tops old melt freeze crust and some vegetation was exposed from previous winds. Old winds slabs up to 1finger hard were observed near most ridge tops. In protected areas soft snow was abundant with ski pen reaching boot top in most areas. NSF was observed through out the tour.


During out tour we dug two separate pits. In both bits we had failure and propagation on facets around 30-40cm from the surface. Old wind slabs sitting on top of facets was the weak interface identified in both pits.
Wimp Bowl 3900' 38 degree slope, NE
HS 220
ECTP12 on facets 40cm from surface

Government Peak 3700' 40 degree slope, NE
HS 140
ECTP12 @ 10CM on facets below old windslab
ECTP18 @ 30CM on facets below old windslab

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