Observation: Hatcher Pass

Location: Government Peak

Route & General Observations

Toured to Government peak by way of 4068.
A thin crust was noted on all aspects and elevations above ~2000 feet, about two inches below the surface facets. Surface hoar was widespread on all elevations. The crust did not impede riding conditions much at all.
Approaching the face of Gov’t peak from the N ridge, we noted a shallow snowpack. Some pole probes hit rocks/ground. A number of hand shears at ~4100 feet on a W aspect released with planar characteristics about 50 cm below the surface. It was hard to ID a weak layer, but there was not visible buried surface hoar as far as we could tell.
Some of our group decided not to proceed, and some of our group continued to feel out the snow closer to a rock band on the NW aspect of the face of the peak. Near these rocks, a very shallow snowpack with poor structure was noted, and the rest of the group turned back.
We proceeded to ski two north facing runs looking towards Hatch peak and found great snow, despite the zippery crust.


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Forecaster Comments

The shallow snowpack observed partially due to the majority of N. Government having previously avalanched this season.
We have not observed or have reason to believe buried surface hoar exists.

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