Observation: Turnagain

Location: Goldpan via Bertha Creek

Route & General Observations

We sought out North facing terrain in the Alpine today

Red Flags
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Observer Comments

Shallow wet loose activity on all aspects. More prominent on South facing slopes

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Sunny and mild, no wind

Snow surface

Solid re freeze overnight up to 2,500’
2-3” settled powder on non solar aspects up to 3,300’

Numerous wet loose avalanches, mostly from previous days. One debris pile on S facing Cornbiscuit was big enough to injure or partially bury a person (large channeled terrain). Witnessed wet loose activity on the S facing wall in Goldpan, all small volume. Observed rollerballs and very small wet loose activity on NORTH side of Lipps. It seems like this has just begun and the sun is hitting the East and West sides of couloirs on North facing terrain. This solar effect will only increase as the sun makes its way further North.


We dug one pit at 3,300’ on a North Aspect on a lower slope in Goldpan.
High strength: test scores in the mid to high 20s
High propagation potential: low PST score, full propagation on ECTs and Sudden Collapse fracture character
Poor structure: dense slab sitting on weak loose facets within a meter of the surface

Summary - Our pit today shows the potential for avalanches to be triggered on N facing slopes to be deep and wide enough to carry, injure or bury a person. This info is in line with the recent activity we have seen or has been reported since March 31st.

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