Observation: Turnagain

Location: Goldpan - upper Bertha Creek area

Route & General Observations

Below are two cornice fall incidents that occurred in the Goldpan area at the
upper end of Bertha Creek. This ridgeline is around 4,100′ and cornices faced
SW. The first likely failed Saturday 3/9, and the second is older, likely from
sometime in the beginning of March.

3/9: Very large cornice at 4,100′, SW facing, running ~1,200′
This cornice triggered a slab avalanche 3-4′ deep and around 100′ wide. (see photos)

Early March: Large cornice at 4,000′, SW facing, running ~800′
This cornice triggered a deep slab in steep rocky terrain. Snow depths were
quite variable from 0 to 2m deep. But nonetheless, a deep slab did propagate
around these rocky features. (see photos)

It took quite an impressive impact to release these slabs and it is unlikely
that a person would be able to trigger anything similar.

Photos & Video
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