Observation: Hatcher Pass

Location: Goldmint Valley/Lonesome Mine

Route & General Observations

SW to SE aspects was either a supportable melt freeze crust, breakable melt freeze crust, or on a steeper section near the river, even perfect corn we found. River snow bridges are plentiful and about a meter thick, with river running with lot more volume underneath than past visits here.

NW aspects was settled powder that was cooking and sticking a little bit thanks to the sun. Skied a little heavy. N aspects less heavy settled powder that was perhaps a little faceted, hard to tell.

Bear tracks near the Little Su river, picture attached.

Seemed like all southern facing rock outcroppings off of Idaho Peak had some wet loose releases, with many on the other surrounding peaks as well. No natural slab avalanches we saw within view.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Partly sunny, temperature around freezing or slightly above. Calm/light wind, increasing to light by afternoon. Clouds were moving rather fast though, seems like much windier up high along ridge lines.

Photos & Video
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