Observation: Hatcher Pass

Location: Gold cord, cross hill, microdot ridge

Route & General Observations

Whiteout vertigo ping pong milkbird : a beautiful snowpack observation day at Hatcher Pass! It did clear for a hot minute and we were able to get a clear view of all surrounding slopes and saw no evidence of recent avalanches. From three separate groups our general observations seemed to correlate directly with Jed and Alli’s summary of poor structure, good strength, but with high energy specifically on those infamous basal facets and on near surface facets 30 cms down on a suncrust on SE slopes.

Red Flags
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Observer Comments

No obvious signs of instability

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Lightly snowing off and on all day with worst visibility! Calm with no wind. Air temp 16 degrees.

Snow surface

Gorgeous light fluffy stellars about 20 cms worth.


HS varied across valley from 85-205 cms. See photo below of the summary report from each of the four zones. For the most part CTs were in the teens both on that suncrust and basal facets. Most ECTs were not propagating until overdrive (high kicks) then they were shooting out on those basal facets. We did however get an ECTP13 on a NE 10 degree slope on basal facets (HS:90) and one ECTP24 SE slope (HS: 85)

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