Observation: Turnagain

Location: God's Country

Route & General Observations

Motorized lot to Seattle Ridge. Dug pit on East face of Seattle ridge. Continued up to Weather Station then dropped into 2nd Bowl, climbed over to Main bowl to check out Widow Maker avalanche (from 2 weeks ago). Climbed out Main Bowl and back to parking lot.

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Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Temps slightly inverted. 6*F at parking lot @ 5pm. 11*F at ridgetop.
Calm winds, clear skies.

Snow surface

Pretty terrible. Wednesday's outflow wind event did a number on the snow surface, it was quite difficult to find any soft snow. Wind buffed and anti tracks.


Snowpit info:
HS: 190cm
East aspect
17* slope
ECTX x several
ECTN15 on MLK BSH 35cm down.
CTN x several

We were finding the MLK BSH layer 30-35cm below the surface to be mostly laid down and intermixed with a melt/ freeze layer. BSH was ~1cm in size.

Of note: No new surface hoar growth overnight (2/14/15), likely due to low RH values.

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