Observation: Turnagain

Location: Goat Mt, Raggedtop, Orca

Route & General Observations

A handful of natural large avalanches occurred today in the Girdwood Valley.

Goat Mtn (location on attached map)
Large deep slab avalanche occurred 13:00 on 1/25/2014.
Aspect: SE to SW facing
Elevation: ~6,000′
Dimensions: ~1,000′ wide, 5-10′ deep, running ~2,500′
Trigger: wind loading

Raggedtop Mtn (West side of the Girdwood Valley)
Large deep/wet slab avalanche, 12:58 on 1/25/2014
Aspect: SE facing
Elevation: ~3,500′
Dimensions: ~600′ wide, 2-5′ deep, running ~2,500′
Trigger: sun

Orca (mountain just south of Max’s Mtn)
Wet slab pocket occurring in the afternoon on 1/25/2014
Aspect: West
Elevation: ~2,000′
Dimensions: ~100′ wide, 2′ deep, running ~200′
Trigger: sun

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