Observation: Chugach State Park

Location: Glen Alps - Blueberry Hill

Route & General Observations

Toured at Glen Alps for our Level 1 Refresher to do companion rescue practice and take a look at the snowpack. Turned around at the top of Blueberry Hill due to very flat light and poor visibility.

Red Flags
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Observer Comments

We did not notice any active wind transport (flat light and poor visibility) but experienced moderate Southerly winds during our tour.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Light freezing rain at ~11 am. Lightly snowing at 11:30 am. Rime formation after 12 pm on surfaces.
Moderate Southerly winds
Overcast turning to obscured skies

Snow surface

A very thin, breakable rain crust over a few inches of new snow, 4F to 1F wind slab, or sastrugi.


Snowpack varied considerably from a foot deep on the flat slopes on the way from the parking lot to Blueberry Hill, to stripped to ground on the top of Blueberry Hill, to between 60 cm to up to 280 cm deep in wind loaded leeward Northerly aspects on Blueberry Hill. We dug several pits on N to NW aspects on Blueberry Hill. Aside from a thin layer of facets 6" down, the snowpack was 4F decreasing to P hard wind slab on top of a thin layer of basal ice at the ground. We did not get very reactive results in our snow pits on this layer. Many ECTXs, ECTN in the 20s, CTNs, and CT teens to 20s SP, RP, & PC.

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