Observation: Other Regions

Location: Glacier Ranger District Office

Route & General Observations

November Totals:
2008 78″ Snow, 6.7″ Water
2007 117″ Snow, 13.9″ Water
2006 12″ Snow, .8″ Water
2005 12″ Snow, 3″ Water

This is a weather chart for the Center Ridge weather station at
1800 feet and the Sunburst weather station at 3800 feet in
Turnagain Pass. These weather stations provide an excellent
baseline, but its important to remember that you will find
different snow depths based on location and elevation.
Typically, you will find deeper snow closer to Turnagain Arm in
places like Tincan, Eddy’s, or Junior’s. Sunburst, Magnum,
Cornbiscuit, Lipps, and Pete’s get less and less snow the further
south you drive. There is a lot of spatial variability, but
these weather stations allow us to keep our fingers on the pulse
at Turnagain Pass.