Observation: Turnagain, Girdwood

Location: Girdwood, Twentymile, Turnagain -glide activity

Route & General Observations

Many new glide avalanches today on the drive from Girdwood to Summit Lake.
Girdwood: SE aspect of Raggedtop, SW aspect of Goat, S face of Penguin
Twentymile: Large glide release near Carmen Lake (SW aspect) and on another SW facing slope adjacent to 20mile
Skookum: NE aspect – maybe older than today?
Turnagain: Pete’s South (SW aspect) Seattle Ridge- several new on Repeat Offender SE facing near up track, 2 new glide avalanche across from Silvertip Cr. SW aspect

*Many new glides opening on all aspects below 3000′ and all existing glides continue to grow and widen

*Wet loose activity on Magnum W face, Seattle Ridge E face, Most steep South facing aspects in the afternoon


Time lapse of glide movement over a 48 hour period on Repeat Offender.

Natural wet loose activity on Magnum's W face seen in the morning

Glide cracks continue to open and widen on all aspects including the North side of Cornbiscuit.


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Temps:40's F
Mostly Sunny
winds NE 10mph g-20mph
No Precip

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