Observation: Summit

Location: General Observations from highway.

Route & General Observations

Glide Cracks have been growing over the past few days. Some as large as several hundred yards wide. They continue to show downward movement but have not released fully yet. New glide cracks were seen today since Wednesday. On Butch Peak in the area of “Incredibowls” a recent slab avalanche was seen today as well as blocky cornice debris at the bottom of the bowls (Unknown Time frame). See Pictures below.

Red Flags
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Observer Comments

Rapid warming in the afternoon at valley bottom 3-6F per hour increase. High of 40F.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Winds out of the North Increasing to 28mph with a peak gust of 34mph on Fresno. Isolated areas of wind loading (Southerly aspects)in a few areas at highest elevations.
Partly Cloudy.
Summit Lake Low 18F High 40F Snow Depth:43"
Fresno Weather Station: 24-28F Winds N 15-28 Peak gust 34 mph (Increasing as the day went on)

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