Observation: Summit

Location: Fresno

Route & General Observations

Skinned to 3100′ from the road. Height of snow gradually increased from ~50cm at 1400′ to ~90cm at 3000′. Ski pole could be pushed w force through slab to weak basal facets at the bottom of the pack – throughout the ascent. Hand pits had inconsistent failure on a layer of facets 25-35cm below surface. In a few hand pits BSH was found at this interface likely buried by the Christmas storm.

Red Flags
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Observer Comments


Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Clear and sunny
Temps in the upper 20F's
Calm wind
No precip

Snow surface

Surface hoar on a thin crust. Surface hoar was needle-like and 5-10mm at lower elevations and 2mm at 3000'.

Just below thin crust sits 3-4cm of recent dry snow from Sunday/Monday.

Surface crust disappeared at 2400'.

Numerous sun triggered point releases, surface snow. These were observed on Tuesday - the sunny day between storms. We skinned across one of these point releases at 2600' and the snow was dry and soft.


Pit at 3000', N aspect, HS=85cm, 26*slope - CT23, CT19 failed 35cm below the surface on 1/25 BSH and facets, CT28, CT24 failed 70cm below the surface on 1mm rounding facets on deteriorating MF crust. ECTX

Second pit was adjacent with more of a SE tilt and a similar structure was found (minus the BSH) and similar results on the same two layers.

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