Observation: Seward

Location: Eva

Route & General Observations

Skin to ~2500’ dig pit on SE aspect at~27degree slope.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Clear skies, winds 15-20 gusting 30 on ridge lines, ~20F

Snow surface

Variable Strastrugi -soft wind slab

Surface hoar was nonexistent above tree line but heavy at lower elevations. At sea level I’d estimate the surface host to be 3-4cm thick. There were pockets of lose snow deposits on South aspects behind hills or rollovers. These pockets are not very large or widespread. Strastrugi reigns down here in Seward.


60cm total depth. Ice crust at 40cm to 55cm from surface. Faceting below this ice crust layer. ECTX and nonreactive even with more force. The snowpack was 0-5cm 1 finger, 5-~40cm fist, 40-55cm pencil, 55-ground 4 finger facets.

Photos & Video
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