Observation: Hatcher Pass

Location: Eldorado

Route & General Observations

-Pleasant skiing from 3-7pm. Partly sunny about 1pm-6pm.
-Roller balls and wet sluffs on southern rocky faces. Some ice and hard wind slabs along ridgetops, particularly south facing.
-10-20cm ski pen. Nicest snow on north aspects. South also skied well in some cases.
-pole probing showed a stiffer layer about 20cm down
-lots of wind texture remains from the big storm a few week ago. Leads to surprising bumps in flat light.
-no formal instability tests
-noticed 3 foot cracks along ridgetops and cornices.
-some natural avalanches observed, did not seem to have occured today. 1 large slab on sled side on west face of ridge backing onto Eldorado.

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Forecaster Comments

All of these avalanches occurred after the March 4 and March 9 storms except for sluffs on Marmot.

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