Observation: Turnagain

Location: Eddy's, right around tree line

Route & General Observations

When we showed up to the parking lot it was snowing around S2-3 and stayed that
way for most of the day. The picked up a quite a bit when we reached our high point,
around 2200 feet, but was clam lower down. We dug a pit before we turned around,
and found that the main concern up there wasn’t the surface hoar (which we found
around 45cm down) but on the interface between the newer snow and the old, wind
buffed surface from feb/march. We also saw some results that broke to the 50+cm of
depth hoar at the base of the pack. And, we got some pretty hairy test results;
Angle: 29, North aspect, 2226 ft elevation
Results on the interface:
CT 13 Q1
ECT P 2, Q1
ECT P 3, Q1
PST 25/90, END
Results on depth hoar:
CT 21, Q2
ECT P 12, Q1
ECT P 11, Q1

I took a video of the second ECT in case you all wanted to see it. Send me an email
address if you would like to take a look.

Thanks for all of your hard work and help,
see you out there,