Observation: Turnagain

Location: Eddies

Route & General Observations

Time: 10:20 AM to 4:20 PM

Route: Iditarod trail to the base of Eddies, then up the Western bowl to 2300′. From there, across the
North facing bowl and up a north aspect ridge to the top (3100′.) Down a generally western aspect.
NOTE: The creek crossing on the Iditarod trail isn’t frozen yet.

Weather: Mid-30s down low, cooling to 30f at the top; overcast with occasionally obscured skies
throughout the day, and occasional light precipitation (rain below 1000′). Light north wind above

Snowpack: 1″ total snowpack at the parking lot, increasing to 6″ of moist soft snow over a 1″ melt
freeze layer at 1000′. Depth of snow increased rapidly to 10-12″ of moist soft snow over a 6-8″ melt
freeze layer by 1500′, increasing further to 14-16″ of moist soft snow over the crust by 2000′. The
snowpack was dry above 1700′ in elevation.

Above treeline, observed moderate spatial variability due to prior wind transport, with surface
conditions ranging from a barely covered mid-November crust to shallow surface wind slabs – rarely
thicker than 4-6″ – in some areas.

The Northern ridge at the top of the route showed scouring on the eastern aspect with loading and
cornice formation over a western aspect.

A full profile was dug at 3000′, just to the west of the top of Eddies in a slightly windloaded location –
pit profile is included below.

Instability: Route crossed numerous wind slabs and wind loaded slopes; no collapsing or cracking
except directly underfoot throughout the day. The pit at 3000′ had compression test failures under
easy and moderate pressure near the snow surface, but with resistant fracture characteristics (see

Prior wind loading has started building cornices over western aspects on Eddies. Remnants of old glide
cracks that have released were observed at lower elevations, with debris now covered by snow. No
other avalanche activity observed.

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