Observation: Turnagain

Location: Eddies, Turnagain Pass

Route & General Observations

Date Time: 20141206, 10:00.
Location: Eddies. Turnagain Pass.

Skinning 2 miles on trail, Obscured sky (a valley fog covering sky, preventing me to
determinate sky conditions).
At 1000′ we had a light snowfall. No accumulation.
At 2,350′ ASL Sky was overcast, no precipitation, Light E wind, Temp 29º F.

No recent avalanches.
No shooting cracks.
No whoompf.

Wet snow, heavy and sticky. A little bit dryer above 2000′. No precipitation.
Signs of a few cornices forming on the North mountain ridge (Sharks fin? SW

Switchback test, jump on little rollover, No reaction.
Snowpit Test at 2350′ ASL, W-SW aspect. 14:06 hrs. Coordinates on map.
TSD: 130 cms. (Probe)
130 – 115: F. New snow.
115 – 104: 4F.
104 – 35: P. Hard snow, possible wind loaded snow?
35 – 25: 4F
25 – 10: 1F
10 – 0: 4F
CT: 31 No reaction. Kick on shovel, cracked at 80 cms. I didn’t check the grains in
detail. But oddly forgot to check slope angle, ~ 35º.
I dug the pit on the W aspect thinking that was the aspect we wanted to ride down, but
seems like I could possibly have dug on a wind deposited rollover.
A few flat areas around there were shallow or wind affected, able to see ground.