Observation: Turnagain

Location: Eddie’s trees

Route & General Observations

Skin track icy at the bottom, deep up top, no natural slides visible from where we were.

Red Flags
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Observer Comments

Lots of new snow:)

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Little to no wind, partly sunny, great vis (🤌), temp mid 20’s (toes were cold but not numb)??

Snow surface

~70 cm new snow, dry grade A POW POW 😎


Aspect: W/NW
Elevation: 1900 ft
Slope angle: 32 degrees
Total Depth: 180cm
Pit Depth: 180 cm
CT observations:
* Top layer (3 in deep) CT 2, all loose
* Ct 23 crust (140 cm from bottom) failed, q3, very fragmented
* CT 27, thanksgiving crust of death (70 cm from bottom) failed, Q2
* Bottom crust (20 cm from bottom) facets are rounding, lots of moisture q2
ECT observations:
* ECTN 25- layer (135 cm from bottom)
* Going hard on the ECT (30+) thanksgiving crust failed and propagated, Q2

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