Observation: Turnagain

Location: Eddie's Treeline

Route & General Observations

Very cold hike up INHT to base of the Meadows where it warmed a bit. Up the established skin track along the trees. Along the hiker left side to the last tree island. Viz deteriorated quickly after noon. Wind affected snow really showed up about 2000′ and got worse the higher we climbed.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Very cold to start and warmed up significantly by the time we were back to the car. Light breeze near the top of our hike. Started clear and clouds rolled in from the South quickly after noon which caused some flat light.

Snow surface

Lovely powder skiing in the meadows. Wind affected snow was weird skiing after 2000'.


Wind Slab 9-7cm thick sitting on top of what was probably buried surface hoar, though we had a hard time isolating the layer to look at the crystals. Fragmenting and faceting particles below the surface hoar, hardening from F to 4F. CT1Q1 @ 333cm of 350cm snow pack. ECTN4 @ 333cm. We were in a wind affected area.

Photos & Video
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