Observation: Turnagain

Location: Eddie's Ridge

Route & General Observations

Ventured up Eddie’s NW shoulder to the high point. Collapsing in the old October
facets was limited and localized, mainly just above treeline. There is 2-2 1/2
feet of loose, unsupportable snow in wind sheltered locations. Wind slabs in
exposed areas are quite stiff. The upper elevations W and S aspects have a slab
that is slowly deteriorating but still acting like a slab in pit tests. Below is
a video of one of these tests.

Pit results:
ECTP 17 and 23 Q1 – failed in the top of the 2mm October facets 75cm down.
Moderate to stubborn to trigger depending on slab thickness. The test in the
video is where the slab was thicker (75cm, 2 1/2ft) and more difficult to
trigger. Where the slab was 2′ deep it broke with a moderate load (@ 7 taps from
the elbow).

Photos & Video
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