Observation: Turnagain

Location: Eddies

Route & General Observations

Was planning on skiing Magnum, but after seeing wind scouring on Southern end of Seattle Ridge, and to a lesser extent on the north faces of sunburst and magnum, decided to go to Eddies, which seemed to be less wind affected. The creek was frozen over and passable, went up the standard uptrack to just above treeline. Surface snow below 1500′ was moist (snowball-able) and made for a slippery skin track. Windy as soon as we came out of treeline. Was considering going up to the summit, but after seeing noticeable wind effect on snow, decided against it. Awesome skiing at and below treeline (snow protected from wind).

Red Flags
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Observer Comments

Moderate NE winds, snow transport along the surface of snow (above treeline).

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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10:10 @Parking lot: Broken skies, Light Northeast wind, Warm temps (maybe high 20's?), No precip
12:00 @ 2200': Broken skies, Moderate East-northeast winds, mid teens, No precip
1330 @ 2200' Overcast, Moderate ENE winds, No precip
1500@Parking lot: Overcast, Light NE winds, Maybe low 20s, no precip

Snow surface

Surface Hoar (up to 6mm) noted through treed approach, disappeared at base of Eddies. Surface snow below 1500' was moist (snowball-able). ~15cm of settled powder with additional ~5cm fresh on top for most of the mountain. Above treeline, everything from soft creamy textured snow to wind stiffened snow to exposed old MF crust.


In Wind protected areas: Ski pole probing gave the idea of a right side up snowpack, however, several hand shear tests (NW aspect, fracturing with hard force) revealed a layer of small Near surface facets, about 20 cm below consolidated soft snow, overlying the old MF crust.

Winds had formed a considerable windskin in specific areas above treeline.

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