Observation: Turnagain

Location: Eddies

Route & General Observations

Eddies to 2200′ via the usual ridgeline up

Red Flags
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Observer Comments

Not too much! Small glide cracks present on Seattle Ridge across from the Eddie's lot, all well below ridgeline/in openings in the alders. A glide crack observed on Penguin mid-slope above Girdwood valley during the drive home, and now two small recent glide avalanches on Raggedtop are visible from the Seward Highway (one reported yesterday).

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Clear with patchy valley fog over turnagain arm, hovering around ~1000-2000' all day
8 degrees at the car in the afternoon, and felt like single digits most of the day
Occasional light variable winds

Snow surface

Small surface hoar was often but not always present on the surface, 2-4mm at the parking lot and slightly smaller on Eddies. Recent outflow winds created a thin wind skin/patches of wind slab up to 1" thick just above the alders on a NW aspect to the base of the trees. Above that, small areas of 1-4" wind slabs could be found on the normal uptrack ridge and Eddie's NW face, with ski penetration of 2-6". Above 2000' along the ridge, a firm snow surface - with patches blown down to a very stout melt freeze crust (mid-mega storm?) - was found in areas that are usually the most wind scoured. More westerly terrain features remained soft! In the trees along the trail up, good coverage... even the alders are starting to lay down!


See pit profile for details in a wind protected area at 1900'. Some small, thin wind slabs on the surface failed with moderate force in quick hand shear tests. Overall, nothing concerning from informal hand pits/ski pole probing all day at these lower elevations.

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