Observation: Turnagain

Location: Eddie’s

Route & General Observations

Skinned up the main up track to 2100 feet on the ridge of Eddie’s before dropping in skier’s left and skiing in and out of trees. We dug a pit at 2100 feet (see photo).

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Little to no wind with light gusts along the ridge. Overcast in Turnagain but clear out towards 20 mile. Lightly snowing most of the day.

Snow surface

One to two inches of new snow overnight since our trip to Eddie’s yesterday. Ski track from yesterday were pretty much covered over. Obvious wind effect noted in multiple areas and skin track was drifted in, even in the area between the alders and the lower hemlock band.


We dug a pit at 2100 feet, HS 200cm, ECTX paying attention to the Thanksgiving crust. Then noticed that the top few inches of the snowpack had settled, so we weren’t sure about our ECT results. Then recut the pit and those results were ECTN2 the layer 2” down and 4” down settled (see photo). These were most likely caused by wind and seemed to be isolated to the wind drifted area where we dug our pits.

Photos & Video
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