Observation: Turnagain

Location: Eddie’s

Route & General Observations

Standard up track at Eddie’s at 10 am up to the knoll just above the tree line. Icy in the trees down low but nice snow once up to the main band of hemlocks and above. Did two laps through and around the hemlocks and back to the car at 4 pm. Light snow all day with very little wind. There was a noticeable crust about 20 cm under the surface through the alders but this layer disappeared once we reached the hemlocks.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
Please provide details to help us determine the weather and snowpack during the time this observation took place.

Light snow all day with temps around 30-34 F. Probably 1/4 of an inch of new snow on the trail when we started and maybe another 1/4 inch accumulated during the day. Visibility was in and out all day; 10 miles down to the inlet in the early part of the day and then just a mile in the afternoon when the fog/low clouds moved in. The main head wall that slid on 3/6/22 was mostly obscured all day. Very little wind all day.

Snow surface

Hard packed and icy in the lower trees, dust on crust in the lower alders and then progressively softer snow as we climbed up through the hemlock band. The ridge just above the hemlocks was wind affected from earlier but little wind today. Ski penetration in the upper trees was 10-15 cm.


Hand pit in the lower alders found a crust 20 cm down and an isolated block of dense snow was easily separated from that layer. We dug a pit near the top of the ridge and had ECTN25 down 25 cm (Q3) on a layer that wasn’t all that obvious. Upper few inches was fist and 4F and then the rest of the 100 cm pit was 1F or pencil hard. This pit might have been wind affected earlier that biased results as the snow was really consolidated.