Observation: Turnagain

Location: Eddies

Route & General Observations

Eddies to 2600’… just below the final steep part!

Red Flags
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Observer Comments

Avalanche activity from last week was more apparent as the sun came out... as pictured below, this includes a slab just below ridgeline of Wolverine on a SW aspect, and two slides (D1.5 - 2) around 2000' on the small corniced SW aspect that's on skinners right of the usual Eddies uptrack. The crowns had been blown back in, and for the Eddies slides in particular the only real evidence of the activity was the debris piles, which included blocks that were up to 2' thick. Small to large debris piles were also present below Tincan Proper, Seattle Ridge (pictured), and at the back of the drainage between Eddies and Tincan.

A lone small wet loose slide was observed on a southerly steep cross loaded feature on Seattle Ridge late in the afternoon.

Finally, on the drive home a large crown and a variety of smaller crowns were seen on the mountain between Portage and Placer creeks - see photos below.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Broken skies with high clouds blocking just a little of the sun...
despite the sun, surprisingly colder than yesterday... no wind.
temps in the 20s, just above freezing at the parking lot by late afternoon.

Snow surface

The snow surface was crusty sadness. At the parking lot, an almost supportable 3+" melt freeze crust was present over moist snow, though in the trees the overnight freeze wasn't quite as hard and there was still a thin breakable melt freeze layer that you could sink an edge in. This thick crust was still present at 1000', dissipating to a 1-2cm thick breakable grabby crust by 1500'. A breakable but still fairly grabby crust extended up to 2200'...

Above 2200' a variety of surface conditions existed, including a surprising amount of spots with 1-3" of faceting snow over hard wind affect from last week. Impressive anti-tracks and wind loaded pockets were also present.

The sun didn't really impact the surface where we skied today, which was generally low angle and a W aspect, occasionally including steeper SW terrain features - with the only moist surface snow at the parking lot by late afternoon.


We dug north of the Eddies ridgeline just below the steep face in a wind loaded spot, in an attempt to find buried surface hoar and to see how the recent wind slab was settling out. No sign of buried surface hoar; no results in an Extended Column Test, and Compression Tests failed under hard taps with a resistant planar fracture character. Full test results and structure are below!

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