Observation: Turnagain

Location: Eddies

Route & General Observations

Broke trail on standard approach towards Eddies upper meadows. Conducted instability tests on NW facing benches and reached a high point of 2,400 ft.
We encountered obscured skies, temps around -2°C with consistent S4 which made for dense, effort-filled, hip height turns. Roads were spicy and parking lots were desperate.

Red Flags
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Observer Comments

No cracking, no major collapsing, no observed releases.
Rapid loading S3-S6

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Obscured skies throughout tour.
Calm to Light SW winds with recent accumulation present on alders/tree branches at all observed elevations.
-2°C to 0°C

Snow surface

Fresh precipitation particles approximately 2-5mm at all observed elevations.
A dense, right side up, fresh accumulation of 75cm existed at 2,000-2,400ft.
Ski/Boot: 75cm /100cm


In general our focus was to assess forecasted storm accumulation and conduct instability tests on the new/old interface.
Our tests showed poor structure (STE), moderate strength (CT12) and poor propagation propensity (PC).
It will be interesting to investigate the existing basal layer (advanced facets/depth hoar) as well as BSH within these next 48 hours, to see if this new load will produce widespread collapsing and start to heal the foundation within the pass. One can hope.
*See Hardness Profile and SnowPilot for Details*

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