Observation: Summit

Location: E. Face Summit mtn

Route & General Observations

Went for a tour up Summit Mtn. to gather info on the new snow and see how it bonded to the old surfaces. After all our digging around we enjoyed a great ski down(as long as you avoid old tracks) the East face through the trees.

Red Flags
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Observer Comments

No signs of instability.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Very light winds out of the North, -1c at the highway when we began at 0930. At 2200' calm winds, temp was -1.5c. Higher up on the ridge at 2800' there were light winds out of the south, Temp -2.4c

Snow surface

We did not observe a rain crust in this location. A dry 15 cm new snow, with wind board and more variable surfaces when we hit ~2500'.


We observed the snow in two different locations, at 2200' and at 2800'. At 2200' we found 120cm snowpack with 15cm new snow from this last storm. We did find propagation in two of four pits here on buried surface hoar at 25 cm from surface. I included a picture of one of those pits. At 2800' we dug on two different aspects E and N. East pits were both 110cm and north pits were 75-85cm. No propagation on our ECT's in these pits and we could not find BSH. We got an ECTN on .5mm near surface facets 35cm down in one of the pits and a failure on the basal facets with a CT13 SC in the same pit (HS 85).

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