Observation: Hatcher Pass

Location: Craigie Creek, Purches Creek

Route & General Observations

Parked at the Craigie Creek trailhead and rode up to the top of Craigie Creek valley. Headed North across Purches Creek and rode the Southern aspect bowl. Snow seemed better/deeper on Northern aspects, so crossed Purches valley and rode the Northern aspect area. Left the area via Craigie Creek trail.

Red Flags
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Observer Comments

Storm slab movement was observed and expected from the overnight accumulation. No direct correlation to aspect direction was possible. Southern slopes moved with solar heat.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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30-40F, overcast and flat until about 2:00. Clouds broke and sun intensified until about 7:00. Mild winds, some gusts on exposed ridges.

Snow surface

6" to 12" of fresh wet snow. Deeper blown pockets could be found. Layer underneath seemed pretty hard and was difficult to sink/break into.


Generally unfamiliar with the Hatcher snowpack, base underneath the fresh seemed pretty hard. Never sank down past the knee when walking. Pretty awesome riding for April 21st though!

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