Observation: Turnagain

Location: Cornbiscuit & Magnum

Route & General Observations

There is serious wind damage up high covering a lot of area. No signs of instability more than very minor sluffing noticed. Many glide cracks,released and unreleased, too.

There is a glide crack that has yet to slide on Cornbiscuit, West face, near the typical uptrack. One uptrack today actually crossed it a couple times. This crack is hardly visible in the picture to the left and lower than the large slide that’s already released.

The lower glide crack on the left in the Magnum picture still hasn’t completely released. There’s a large crack running farther left towards the ridge line from the crown and more directly below it that has yet to fully release.

Eddies there is a huge slide, or glide crack?, that already has released spanning the upper slope.

No instability noted at Eddies Saturday, even with the winds and snow falling. There is a strange crust up where the trees start to thin which ranges from thick, breakable wind crust where the trees thin to a more icy, unbreakable crustiness (that I couldn’t even dig through with ski pole and hand) near the ridge.

FORECASTER COMMENTS: Just a note that it is not a sure thing that a glide crack will release. Some cracks just slowly open without releasing. The trick is, no one knows what ones will and what ones won’t. Believe Eddies is a widening glide crack.

Photos & Video
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