Observation: Turnagain

Location: Cornbiscuit

Route & General Observations

Started from the MP66 parking lot at noon. 5°, high cloud ceiling that gradually got lower throughout the day. Calm at the road, with light breeze above tree line and stiff winds from the southeast as we got up on the ridge. Skin track is still a thicket with pretty thin cover in some places. Snow is excellent for skiing down low.

Around 2,000 ft, snowpack started to feel variable, with wind effect on western face and ice crust on southern face. Snowpack below felt firm and dry, nonreactive. Definitely thin snowpack in some areas, with skin track exposing tundra.

Light snow started at 3:15.

Turned around at 2650 ft, probed 75 cm and 90 cm deep, and skiied down south face. Looks like there were two separate sluff slides previous to the most recent storm cycle. One was on the Thanksgiving crust layer. Snow was variable, with some fun pockets of powder but also stiff wind-effected snow and exposed rocks.

Back at the parking lot at 5:00, 11°, some noticeable surface hoar all over.

Photos & Video
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