Observation: Turnagain

Location: Cornbiscuit

Route & General Observations

ANSP Backcountry Patrol. Cornbiscuit pullout 10AM up to alpine base of cornbiscuit, kept slope angles low. Sky was broken and wind was light from Southeast. Did not observe any wind slabs.
Observed four parties skiing cornbiscuit. Lots of folks enjoying the great skiing.
At 3PM winds shifted from Northwest and light snow and low fog moved in. Alders helped with visibility for the ski down.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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32 degrees at the pullout. Warmed to 34 by end of the day.
SE light wind and broken skies. No precipitation.
At 3PM light wind changed to NW with light snow and some low fog.

Snow surface

New soft surface snow.

Did not find any wind slabs.


Crust easily detectable at pullout, but became deeper and harder to find in ski pole probes after gaining altitude.
Pit dug at 1840 ft. on NW aspect, above elevation of alders.
Snow depth was 200 cm. Found two thin rain crusts at 170 and 160. Found significant rain crust at 130.
No propagation from CT or ECT tests.
See attached profile.

Photos & Video
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