Observation: Turnagain

Location: Cornbiscuit

Route & General Observations

Skiing around Cornbiscuit today we observed that it was completely covered in
surface hoar from the road to the ridge on all aspects including the valley
floors to the north and south as well as back around Superbowl and Goldpan. The
feathers increased in size with elevation gain. Small millimeter size feathers
on top of loose snow were observed in sheltered areas below treeline.
Centimeter size feathers were observed on top of wafer thin sun crust on west
aspects climbing up. Larger centimeter size feathers on more sun affected
southerly aspects were sitting on top of a thicker sun crust up to 3/4 inch
thick. The largest feathers were observed all along the ridge line and just
below averaging a few centimeters in size. Some feathers growing in disturbed
snow along the ridge were up to 1.5″ tall.

Climbing up Cornbiscuit on West and South aspects as well as up to Superbowl
Pass later in the day we noted no threatening instabilities. The steep,
southerly Magnum ridge to Superbowl has sluffed heavily but nothing there moved
naturally today even in the rockiest areas. There was easily manageable skier
triggered sluffing on steep west-north facing lines.

Photos & Video
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