Observation: Turnagain

Location: Cornbiscuit

Route & General Observations

Utilized the 14/15 winter route for a woodsy wander to the Iditarod trail and then went north until bottom of the meadow/alder festival at 1200′. Route finding through the alder to the usual west face skin track to 3100′. Checking out snow depth, snowpack structure and surface conditions. Specifically investigating the Veterans Day facets above 3000′.

A glide crack is opening on the west side of Cornbiscuit. We had a good view of Magnum’s south side. Evidence of recent cornice falls, old debris from the 12.9.19 avalanche cycle and the cornice along the Magnum ridge.

Red Flags
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Observer Comments

Recent cornice falls
glide crack on Cornbiscuit

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Partly cloudy with valley fog
No precipitation
Temperatures in the 20°Fs
Calm winds

Snow surface

1500': mini surface hoar (1mm) over 1-2" of soft snow starting to facet over melt-freeze crust that is breakable
1500'-2000': the soft snow starting to facet gets a bit deeper 3-5" over the crust and the crust becomes supportable. In this elevation band the soft surface snow starting to facet is the most noticeable.
2000' - 3100': variable - mini surface hoar over wind effected stiff snow or soft snow or very thin rime crust. Mini surface hoar is a bit bigger at 3100', 2mm


1800' - 2800': Thick rain crust is easily felt under varying depths of snow.
2000': HS -average 70 cm rain crust 40 cm down, moist snow below crust
2500: HS - average 80 cm rain crust 45 cm down, hand pits showed wind effected snow was sticking to the crust, moist snow below crust
2500-3100': HS - variable 80-180 cm. Noticeable wind drifting along ridge. Rain crust becomes thin around 2900' and is gone by 3000'.
Snow pit @ 3100' (see photo) and video of propagation saw test. HS 92 - Poor structure but inconsistent reactivity. Veterans Day facets (VDF) 75 cm down CT 20 SC, CT 21 SC, CTN. ECTX , PST 45/100 end down 75 cm on VDF.

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