Observation: Turnagain

Location: Cornbiscuit

Route & General Observations

Cornbscuit SW skin approach to 3000ft

Red Flags
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Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Partially clear skies with valley inversion becoming cloudy temperature warming trend, winds calm to light.

Snow surface

Soft surface 5cm to 15 cm of faceting now with pockets of Surface Hoar up 3000ft


MLK layer found in 2/2pits. Pit 1 at 2650ft with HS 150cm on NW face 34 degrees slope. Pit 2 at 3000ft HS 180cm SW face 22 degree slope. ETCX x2, they failed at 31 taps and 32taps respectively; resistant planer BSH obvious on bed surface when failed. PST 35/100 end at 35cm deep (2650ft) and PST 65/100end at 65cm deep (3000ft). Glide cracks continue to be obvious in places and not so in others.

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